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A few great companies

I feel privileged to have helped

Eric Shellef,
Co-Founder & CTO


I've known Micha since he managed me at Ginger many years ago. When I decided to found a company Micha promptly introduced me to my co-founder at Verbit, and helped in the process of shaping the vision of the venture. He's since been a trusted advisor whom I am always happy to consult as I know he'll always have my best interests in mind and help me both on a tactical and a strategic level.

Noam Solomon & Luis Voloch,



Micha introduced us to each other just as we set out on our path as entrepreneurs. He told us he just "felt this would be a one in a million team", and spent long hours working with us discussing everything from team building, through ideation, positioning and fundraising. He also helped us with many introductions to candidates, advisors, and potential investors. He's since spent many hours with us discussing company culture, growth, and long term strategy. He's a close friend, a trusted advisor and an avid champion for Immunai, and we feel privileged to have him on our extended team. We can say that without Micha we would absolutely not be where we are now and his involvement in Immunai was transformative to us as individuals and as a company.

Asaf Ezra & Tal Saiag,



We came to Micha very early on, with a rough idea and a demo, and he immediately helped us distill the value proposition, and communicate a compelling vision with our 1-pager. Over the years we've kept him as a trusted advisor whom we seek on delicate matters involving people and culture. Working with Micha is a true pleasure: while he never sugarcoats his feedback, he always wraps it with a smile, leaving us knowing what we need to do next, and feeling empowered and energized.

Ilan Peleg & Leonid Blouvshtein,



Micha began working with us very early on, and created immediate value by helping us refine our narrative both as a company and as a founding team. Micha helped us craft our funding strategy and always made sure to keep our best interests in mind both as people and entrepreneurs. We've since kept him as a trusted advisor on strategy and execution, and we know he'll always keep things real, with incisive insights and a big heart.

Amos Bar Joseph,

Co-Founder & CEO


I met Micha in the very early days, some 8 months before launching Rubiq. Micha served as a combination of a sounding board and a strategic advisor helping us shape both the vision of the company and our path to fundability. I've continuously worked with Micha from day one, and am happy to vouch for him as one of the kindest and most insightful advisors I've worked with, supporting me in the harder times, and pushing us beyond our comfort zone in the good times. 

Arik Bronshtein & Erez Druk,



We met Micha as we were ideating and converging on UrbanLeap, and he's been a trusted advisor from day zero. He's helped us with positioning, narrative, negotiations, and recruiting, has taken interviews for us, and has been a huge champion and evangelist. Micha is a mentor, advisor, and friend, whose input we seek regularly on everything from product to investor relations. We're delighted to have Micha as part of our journey with UrbanLeap.

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