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Hi, I'm Micha

I’m a repeat entrepreneur who’s founded a few great businesses (e.g. acq. for $575M), and a few less successful ones. 


I'm heads down on my latest venture,, which is redefining
Cell Therapy with Artificial Intelligence.


I’m also a serial company builder. Which basically means I help founders build new companies. 

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Home: About

What I do

Being present at the birthing moments of a startup is exhilarating and awe-inspiring. Being invited to help with the process is humbling. 


I’ve been lucky enough to do this quite a few times. What I do varies from company to company. Sometimes I introduce founders and help build a founding team, other times I help craft an initial positioning or distill the value prop  (see some of my stories here). 


I’m currently working on my new venture (, but at the same time I do my best to help companies at the very early stages.

I'm happy to chat, here's a bit more about how to work with me


A bit more...

I have an MSc in Mathematics (algebraic topology) and a PhD in cognitive sciences (formal semantics).


I’m passionate about the marriage of language and algorithms, and believe that improving NLP technologies is a critical step in achieving AI’s ultimate goal of empowering, rather than replacing, humans.

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and together with Miki Shifman and Nitzan Shapira, I founded Tel-Aviv Founders Club - a safe place for founders and entrepreneurs to meet, share, consult, and help each other out. As of today it counts over 450 members, including many of Israel's top founders.

More recently I founded the TLV-ATX Founders Club, bridging Texas and Israel through entrepreneurship. 

I live in Austin, TX, with my wife and baby girl, and hope to one day become a novelist and a polyglot. 

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“Take care of the people, the products, and the profits - in that order"

― Ben Horowitz, The Hard Thing About Hard Things

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